Computer Laboratory Development Project – Phase 1 completed

  • Donated computers and facilitated computer laboratory opening  for the following 6 schools – completed in May 2016
    Chilawathai Tamil Vidyalayam
    Sri Subramaniya Vidyasalai
    Mullivaikal East GTMS
    Kokkuthoduwai GTMS
    Udayarkaddu GTMS
    Visvanather Primary School
  • Developed Curriculum for teaching computer and IT for Grade 1-5 students and organized a training for teachers – January 2016
  • Facilitated after-school computer classes for students, in collaboration with ‘Serendip Children Home’ – March 2016

Computer Laboratory Development Project – Phase 2 (near completion)

  • Donated computers and facilitated computer laboratory opening  for the following schools in Mullaitivu
  1. Iruddumadu Tamil Vidyalayam
  2. Kuravil Tamil Vidyalayam
  3. Ampalavanpokkanai Maha Vidyalayam
  4. Thevipuram GTMS
  5. Kallappadu  GTMS
  6. Kaiveli Ganesha Vidyalayam
  7. Mulliyawalai RC Vidyalayam
  8. Manthuvil Arasaratnam Vidyalayam
  9. Iranaippalai RC Maha Vidyalayam
  10. Arumuhaththankulam GTMS
  11. Neththaliyaru Tamil Vidyalayam (awaiting opening)
  • Organized a training program for teachers – January 2017

Supporting Newly Established Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka

  • We are hosting Academic Members from Faculty of Engineering in the USA in June 2017, where they will participate in a one day symposium/gathering of professors who are interested in the development of University of Jaffna
  • Also we are facilitating the Academic Members’ meetings with Professors at different Universities around the USA and their visit to some leading labs in each discipline.
  • We assisted in academic curriculum development through networking of professors
  • Facilitated visiting lectures to University of Jaffna
  • Visited the Faculty of Engineering in Kilinochchi, conducted a facility survey and donated books for engineering library – August 2015
  • Met with students and discussed about future career paths and higher study opportunities

First Computer Center was opened in Visvamadu Public Library – Mullaitivu

  • As a first step in “Establishing Computer Centers in Public Libraries”, computers were donated to the public library and the computing center was established.

Organized a leadership program for high school students

  • We organized and conducted a leadership program for high school students in collaboration with Zonal Education Office – Mullaitivu in January 2017. The program was held at Mullaitivu Puthukkudiyiruppu Central College and 20 future leaders selected from the Zone participated.

Helped HND Students in establishing a computer laboratory as part of their “Give Hands for Future Leaders”

  • High National Diploma students from ESOFT Metro Campus – Jaffna are involved in a project where they established a computer laboratory for the Grades 8-11 students of Poonakary Sri Vigneswara Vidyalayam – Kilinochchi.
  • We collaborated with ‘Tamil Engineers Foundation’ from Australia in this project and donated 10 computers for the project in April 2017.

Sponsored ICT books for Grades 10-13 students from Mullaitivu Zone

  • We have sponsored in publishing of books for ‘Information & Communication Technology’ for students from Grades 10-13 in Mullaitivu Zone

Project to Support Newly Established Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka

  • Helping the Faculty of Engineering to develop its academic and research capabilities, and initiate research collaborations
  • Arranging visit of Academic Members to different Universities around the world and facilitate meeting with professors
  • Organize symposium of professors around the world who are interested in the development of University of Jaffna and help build network
  • Facilitate online and visiting lectures by building a network of educational professionals in USA and elsewhere.
  • Mentoring and motivating students on future career paths and higher studies.

Computer Laboratory Development Project for Primary Schools in Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka – Phase 3

Following 11 schools from Mullaitivu were identified by the Zonal Educational Office for the phase 3 of computer lab project

(Alambil R.C. Maha Vidyalayam., Mulliwaikal West G.T.M.S, Venavil Sri Muruganantha Vid, Thaneerootu T.M.S, Kumilamunai Maha Vidyalayam, Barathi Vidyalayam, Mullaitivu R.C. Vidyalayam, Kombavil Vigneswara Vidyalayam, Valaignanmadam G.T.M.S, Karunaddukkeni G.T.M.S., Theravil Tamil VIdyalayam)

  • Donating computers and facilitating computer lab development through principal.
  • Training Teachers and arranging seminars.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation of progress of students.
  • Facilitating computer lab usage in weekends and after school for all students.
  • Providing support and maintenance.

Computer Laboratory for Public Libraries

  • Donating computers to selected public libraries and establish computer centers for public use.
  • ‘Raspberry Pi’ project for high school students
  • Tablets for pre-school kids

To know more about the Computer Laboratory Development Project, check this detailed Project Progress Report

Project Progress Report – February 2016

How can we contribute?

  • Work with all the stakeholders to

– Identify the contemporary issues faced by the educational entities,

– Support them to meet their needs, and

– Uplift the overall educational system.


  • Actively network with similar minded individuals and organizations.

Long-term objectives

  • Provide financial support to aspiring students for graduate education in top universities worldwide.
  • Facilitate student exchange programs in undergraduate and graduate levels to advance research culture.
  • Expand the educational support to secondary and primary level educations in the regions of interest.
  • Building a culture of innovation in all levels of education by organizing conferences and collaborative research activities.

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