Empowerment and Prosperity to Communities
Through Education

Our Vision

Empowering Communities Through Education.

Our Goals

To  facilitate  learning  through  knowledge  sharing  and  research  collaborations  for  the  providers  of  education,  and  to  support  the  students  in  need.

Who are We?

A nonprofit, non-political organization based in USA, focused on community development through educational activities.

Latest News

We are very glad to share our student Sivaluxman’s feedback of 3D Design and Animation Course. Click on the video to hear his thoughts.
– October 14
Let’s hear about Care for Education_Preschool Project, Presented by Miss. Shobana Raja, Project coordinator, Care for Education. Please follow our page to see more videos on our programs.
Care for Education takes responsibility for changing Senthamil preschool into a model school in collaboration with other NGO support. You can hear about Senthamil preschool activities & projects of this year with the following link. Please follow our page to see more videos on our programs.
– December 17, 2022

Weekly Forum Session #127

Presented By: Nakkeeran Sundarligam (Northern Provincial Coordinator,  Senior Guide Book Trainer, Sri Lanka Unites)

Lanuguage of Presentation: Tamil

Let’s here about How Sri Lanka Unites promoting harmony and leadership among the new generation of Sri Lanka. Don’t miss Our Next Sunday Forum at 8.00pm(SL Time).

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Meeting ID: 853 8420 5889
Passcode: 475091
Today, we are very glad to share our student, Jivitharsan Suresh’s work in Blender – 3D Design and Animation Course. He has designed robots in Blender. See our Youtube video. 
Keep following us and visit our Facebook page to know more about the course and Students’ works.

– January 20, 2023

Newest Projects

3D Design and Animation Blender Course

Basic 3D Design & Animation Course Introduction Session was held by Care For Education in collaboration with American Corner on Tuesday, 18 October 2022 at American Corner Jaffna. 22 Students participated & following topics are covered in this session-“Scope in 3D Design and Animation”, ” Blender Software Introduction” & “Course Experience sharing by previous batch Students”.

– October 20th

Senthamil Preschool Development

Starting in 2020 with Senthamil Preschool as a model school, we coordinated the renovation
and technological enhancement of the school to cater to education needs of a child in
this modern age. In addition to providing physical means to help the school, we’ll also be training for the teachers so they develop their skills.

– October 13th



Together We will Make a Difference

Join us to Make this Endeavor Successful

How can we contribute?

  • Work with all the stakeholders to

– Identify the contemporary issues faced by the educational entities,

– Support them to meet their needs, and

– Uplift the overall educational system.

  • Actively network with similar minded individuals and organizations.


Long-term objectives

  • Provide financial support to aspiring students for graduate education in top universities worldwide.
  • Facilitate student exchangeprograms in undergraduate and graduate levels to advance research culture.
  • Expand the educational support to secondary and primary level educations in the regions of interest.
  • Building a culture of innovation in all levels of education by organizing conferences and collaborative research activities.


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